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For fans of melodic and harmonious riffs of Hardcore, Metalcore & Deathcore.

Para fans de riffs melodicos y armoniosos en Hardcore, Metalcore y Deathcore

All bands that belong to this group are personally selected, according to the policy of the group. with a suggestion every week. If you want to suggest a band, please do it.

Todas las bandas en este grupo, son personalmente seleccionadas, de acuerdo a la politica del grupo. Con una sugerencia cada semana, si tienes alguna sugerencia, no dudes en hacerla!

Recommendation Of This Week:

Artist: Amber And Ashes

Rostov Group Amber And Ashes was formed in late 2006. During its existence, the guys have already played with the likes of metalcore and deathcore scenes like: All Shall Perish, Despised Icon, Protest The Hero, Horse the Band, Arsonists get all the girls ..

Click on the picture to download When a Drop Becomes the Ocean (2011)

Click en la imagen para descargar When a Drop Becomes the Ocean (2011)

Artist: Amber And Ashes
Album: When a Drop Becomes The Ocean (2011)
Genres: Metalcore / Experimental
Influences: As I lay Dying, Asking Alexandria, Attack! Attack!, Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, Every Time I Die, Metallica, August Burns Red
Download Link:


1. Lighter than water
2. Better than faith
3. Rock&roll instead of the pulse
4. Not like everyone
5. Falling down
6. I will run
7. Sweet lie
8. 8 winds above immortal rose

Download link and Recommendation by ANNTMiguel

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