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In Flames


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Göteborg, Schweden (1990 – aktuell)

In Flames sind eine Metal-Band aus Göteborg, Schweden. Die Band war stilprägend für die Göteborger Schule des Melodic Death Metals.


Die Band wurde 1990 von Jesper Strömblad gegründet, der sich mit der Ausrichtung seiner Band Ceremonial Oath (zeitgleich auch Band von Anders Fridén, heutiger Sänger von In Flames) nicht mehr identifizieren konnte und diese verließ. Da er melodischere Lieder schreiben wollte, gründete er In Flames.

Mit dem Gitarristen Glenn Ljungström und dem Bassisten Johan Larsson war die erste Besetzung komplett. Zu dritt spielte die Band ein Demo mit drei Liedern ein, das die Aufmerksamkeit von Wrong Again Records erregte; den Kontakt zur Plattenfirma stellte Niklas Sundin von Dark Tranquillity her. Der Vertrag wurde kurze Zeit später geschlossen.

Das erste Album Lunar Strain erschien 1994 und erhielt annehmbare Resonanz im Death-Metal-Underground. Im selben Jahr erschien außerdem die EP Subterranean, welche der Band einen Vertrag bei der deutschen Plattenfirma Nuclear Blast einbrachte.

Da die Band damals noch aus nur drei festen Mitgliedern bestand, spielten anfangs viele zeitweilige Mitglieder bei In Flames, darunter Mikael Stanne und Anders Jivarp von Dark Tranquillity sowie Anders Iwers von Tiamat, zwei ebenfalls bekannten schwedischen Death Metal-Bands. 1995 konnte man mit Anders Fridén und Björn Gelotte schließlich zwei weitere feste Mitglieder für die Gruppe gewinnen.




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  • bjeer

    I'm actually quite enjoying the new album. But then again, I wouldn't consider myself a metalhead.

    vor 5 Minuten Antworten
  • IReadSutterCane

    The problem is not changing sound and "maturing" but the problem is that they ended up writing boring songs. [3] I have absolutely no problem with bands wanting to progress forward and try different things. The music In Flames is making NOW, however, is boring and if anything it's far less mature than what they were doing in the 90s. The only thing I enjoy about "Siren Charms" is the cover art.

    vor 59 Minuten Antworten
  • AlexMalborov

    After three spins of the new album I just HAVE TO say this: 'Siren Charms' is to In Flames what 'Lulu' was to Metallica. There is NO OTHER way to describe the new album. It's just painfully uninspired, lazy, boring, badly written, chaotic, recycled and most of all totally devoid of any musical value whatsoever. Easily the worst IF album to date, a gargantuan failure of biblical proportions. Even ASOP sounds decent in comparison to this brainfart - and that says something. Tracks like 'Through Oblivion' or 'Paralyzed' are so bad they just make me wanna shit blood.

    vor 4 Stunden Antworten
  • nospr

    Even though In Flames was never good, The Jester Race through Colony are at least fun! They used to actually try to mix Iron Maiden with growls. Melodic Death Metal was always still Metal to some degree...

    vor 6 Stunden Antworten
  • DevilDriver92

    i've read all mentions below and that's why i never judge any album, till i listen it at least for one week.

    vor 6 Stunden Antworten
  • IBlackened

    Kaiser_19, that's true! I like these albums, but I have to admit they were much more creative back in time. They are getting simpler and the quality is lowering.

    vor 7 Stunden Antworten
  • Raptorg

    I never realized exactly how bad In Flames got until I heard Rusted Nail. There's just no excuse for this slop.

    Gestern um 03:57 Antworten
  • NhELSoN

    Ohh man, what happened to this guys, sad shit, really sad...

    Gestern um 02:14 Antworten
  • Deathorse

    To the people defending Siren Charms: Nobody is complaining about the band 'changing.' Stop telling people to 'go back and listen to their old stuff if you don't like their new material.' The truth is that Siren Charms is straight-up BAD. The songwriting is terrible and cringeworthy. I really enjoyed Sounds of a Playground Fading and I was fairly excited for Siren Charms, but this is beyond a letdown.

    Gestern um 01:04 Antworten
  • Toutatis_

    I knew that the new album would be a massive pile of shit, but not to that extent.

    Gestern um 23:27 Antworten
  • fuckingrati

    I like both, old and new In flames so whats the problem ? maybe nothing, if people don't like this new stuff go back and listen colony, jesters race ,whoracle.Personaly for me IF is one of favorite band because they have track for every mood .It's obvious in last two albums they have lost old atmosphere , anyway I find some good tracks ,yep I'd be greatful if they hadnot changed style an Jesper still had played in IF but guys get away with it, they've stopped playng MDM over 12 years ago and even today we are complainig why are not the playing MDM. Siren Charms has some good points, nice guitar parts, but in many tracks is clear lack of creativity as in previous album.I think it'll be great if they manage write album like Come Clarity with some MDM points mixed with modern metal , there is no way to back to old MDM IF.

    Gestern um 22:22 Antworten
  • Kaiser_19

    IBlackened, just compare TJR with RtR or STYE. While they have some good riffs here and there, everything sounds the same. chugga chugga riffs the most that sound identical and very few solos on STYE. Their music as become bland while on TJR music is much more rich in musical terms ( acoustic parts, diversity and creative riffs). buuuut, i have to say that at least that although bad, on their post Clayman albums they had at least some decency, (and i agree with you 100%) that everything is just worthless crap since Jesper left. The possibilty to find any kickass riff or something worth listening to is just gone. SImple as that. Jesper was the soul of In Flames.

    Gestern um 21:27 Antworten
  • IBlackened

    I like everything from 1996 to 2008. I doesn't hate changes, I dislike that shit they're playing now. I can't help but think that's the consequence of Jesper's departure.

    Gestern um 20:01 Antworten
  • Kaiser_19

    When they released Colony they actually CHANGED their sound from TJR and Whoracle, and so it happened in Clayman. The difference is that they made it right, writing interesting riffs without boring parts on each song like modern in flames has. But the worst part definetly is when anders open his mouth. uurgh :( Anders please, stop trying to ''sing'' in both clean and ''agressive'' style. Thank you.

    Gestern um 19:40 Antworten
  • spineshank155

    lol it's quite funny that anytime negative feedback on a new song, album (or even finding the artist is declining) occurs there's always someone who can't understand the reason for people disliking it. With listening to the album a few times there are some songs that i like but for the most part the melodies seem pretty far and few in this album or i haven't picked up them yet but going to earlier albums, even ASOP has some classic IF melodies even though it's only apparent in a few tracks and that was my least favorite album, i wasn't even that dissapointed with it. Now i find SC to be my least favorite and it definitely disappointed me. Even the good tracks in SC sounded like it wasn't exactly well written. In Flames could have done a far better job with their latest effort. I continue to praise In Flames for their early material but that's about as far as i'll go with this band. There's plenty of other artists to listen to.

    Gestern um 17:47 Antworten
  • IBlackened

    A7X101, funny... you are praising the change, but you don't even listen to metal (like almost everyone who are saying the same). If they were a Death Metal band now, you guys wouldn't listen. That change is good for you only because you liked. So, it's just a matter of taste, and that makes your opinion biased, just like mine. Sorry for my english!

    Gestern um 16:07 Antworten
  • lex6x6x6

    as I said, this is not maturing, this is commercializing. this is not metal anymore, stop say that.

    Gestern um 15:14 Antworten
  • LdwgVnFnstr

    The problem is not changing sound and "maturing" but the problem is that they ended up writing boring songs. [2]

    Gestern um 15:07 Antworten
  • rocky0

    The problem is not changing sound and "maturing" but the problem is that they ended up writing boring songs.

    Gestern um 14:51 Antworten
  • A7X101

    Why do people not realise that bands change, they cannot make the same music over and over again, every band matures and In Flames have matured into a brilliantly consistent metal band. The new album is really good and 'With Eyes Wide Open' proves how much diversity they have. The so called 'true' fans that have turned their backs on this great band and now call them 'unlistenable' should be ashamed...

    Gestern um 14:45 Antworten
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