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  • Harry_01

    Das sollte ich eigentlich auch. :D Das hoffe ich natürlich auch, aber dennoch finde ich es merkwürdig, dass das Album mit Dead Inside anfangen wird.

    Gestern um 23:10 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    Aha! It is. Actually it was 80 years ago that the name changed from Persia to Iran which means "The land of Aryans". You can search for "Greater Iran" to get more information. I haven't listened quite much to "Scarlet Beast of Seven Heads" though I felt the same about understanding the lyrics. Anyhow I could tell by listening on repetition(just the last song on album:D) and also the bonus tracks were quite easy to understand, as long as they're just second-person narration ;) I found them really interesting by the way. Check out, there are lyrics to some of the songs.

    Gestern um 19:01 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Ich hab einen derben Ohrwurm davon, lol. Obwohl die Nummer nicht grandios und eigentlich ziemlich poppig ist, aber ich mag seine Stimme einfach.

    Gestern um 17:53 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Same here. Also, es hat mich auch an Madness erinnert, geht ja auch um Kate Hudson und er rechnet mit ihr ab bei Dead Inside. Es war wieder mal klar, dass Matt seinen Aussagen widersprechen wird. Ich mag die Nummer aber irgendwie, tut sich mehr als bei Psycho, klar es ist weit von einem Meisterwerk entfernt, aber akzeptabel. Dennoch würd ich jetzt echt gern den Rest vom Album hören.

    23. Mär., 21:13 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Was sagst du zu Dead Inside?

    23. Mär., 20:14 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Bin auch gespannt, hab mir bewusst nicht den Live-Mitschnitt von Reapers angehört, da der von einem Fan mit einer Kamera mitgefilmt wurde und wie so oft die Qualität bestimmt mies ist. Die erste offizielle Single "Dead Inside" kommt ja nächste Woche raus und da haben wir vielleicht ein bisschen mehr Einblick. Hoffentlich sind keine Schnulzen auf dem Album, aber dadurch, dass Matt wieder Single ist, schließe ich das ohnehin aus. Der hat jetzt keine Lust auf Liebe. xD Oh, ich liebe dieses Zerstörerische, Bedrohliche bei "Apocalypse Now". Nirvana sind eine tolle Band, bin kein besonderer Fan von "Nevermind", obwohls nicht schlecht ist, aber "In Utero" und das "MTV Unplugged in New York" sind wirklich super.

    19. Mär., 11:17 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Haha, fürn Arsch triffts genau. xD Also, der Song is jetzt nicht sooo übel (nach mehrmaligem Hören), aber einfach nichts Besonderes. Der Refrain halt, Mann. Vielleicht war das auch nur eine Ankündigung, "So, wir hauen jetzt wieder mal so richtig rein.". Der Setlist nach fahren sie jetzt auch wieder mehr Programm, mal sehen wieviel sich bis Juni ändern wird. Witzigerweise hör ich jetzt wieder gern Nirvana. :D

    16. Mär., 12:39 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    ...So after the exam, for example I'll be free to choose between a couple majors and I choose screenwriting like, say 100 other opponents, and there's only 1 university accepting students for this major and it’ll get up to 40 students, then I’ll be a failure with my lower grades than other opponents :D So you got it, right? :D It actually took me two konkurs to understand it ;))) btw I’ll never smoke pot(urban-dictionary is both mean & hilarious at the same time)! --Really? I’d seen lawyers referring to a rule & say exactly what paragraph and what line of the law book says it,and I thought they have to memorize THAT BIG BOOK! :D I wish we too celebrated Christmas instead of Nowruz! In Nowruz the only ones to get presents are kids, and they get cash (the bills should be new and never been folded!) which is a symbolic thing(and by symbolic I mean nonsense)! And about the nuclear power,I agree with you. There are enough countries as NPT members!! --What do you mean by successor of Persia?

    14. Mär., 10:35 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    :D That's due to the differences of the academic systems.And "pre-bachelor"was a phrase Wikipedia suggested.;)You know here there are 4steps to get a PhD; 2years for getting a pre-bachelor's degree,another2 for getting bachelor's degree, another2 for getting master's degree and then 2other years of study for getting a PhD.(of course if you could finish each of them in a 2-year period;D)you will get your doctorate in 8 years,while you can graduate at every point and not study anymore,or study something else instead(,starting all over again like me). And for the entrance exam, there's a general exam called "konkour"which everyone will take in different fields of study;such as art,science and some others.I'm taking the art exam and that indicates the type of lessons I should know and questions I'll get to answer at konkur.But what major exactly I'll be qualified to study depends on my grade in lessons(e.g. with low grade in musical knowledge,I won’t be able to choose music-related majors)

    14. Mär., 10:31 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Was sagst du dazu?

    12. Mär., 19:51 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Also mich hauts nicht um, musste fast sogar ein bisschen lachen "Your ass belongs to me now" xD

    12. Mär., 19:42 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    And things here... are complicated! You know I think the government, just like everyone wants the nuke deal to happen. Though they try to make it look like they're not retreating, because you know they will look weak in front of other nations and also the people.. And also it'll be like they agree they were after atom-bombs and not just nuclear power... Everyone here wants Netanyahu to shut up :D what I think will be helpful ;) Now the government wants to also make the gesture that is not afraid of Israel and the speeches even contain threats. But after all I hope it all ends and the Netanyahu speech doesn't affect on the deal! You know I saw someone wrote on his twitter, "We are so lucky that Ahmadinejad, Netanyahu and Bush weren't in power at the same time." :))-- I'm so talkative, aren't I? :D

    5. Mär., 16:55 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    Headphones are the best, aren't they? almost as good as music itself :D It's too bad, not having free-time and must be very hard... But you know if you feel it worths it, you'll be even more satisfied achieving what you want. I'm now about to graduate. And with a pre-bachelor's degree in electronics, I want to take the entrance exam for art majors. I actually had planned to get the bachelor's degree in electronics and then change my major for my master's degree, but I realized I can't, I just can't keep up with all this and suddenly changed my mind... Now I've got 3 months to the exam, I know almost nothing about some of the exam sources :D and there's only 2 universities(I mean good ones!) containing Cinema, the major I'd like to study the most. My point is I studied electronics and have a degree, but I don't feel like I've done something.. and I wanna try the entrance exam, though I have no hope because just trying it would make me feel like I've tried at least...

    5. Mär., 16:52 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    Having watched Contact, I really liked the idea and the prospective which come from the novel. Robert Zemeckis' picture isn't my favorite and also simple and straight structure of the screenplay made it less attractive for me. Simplicity of the structure is one thing that I don't really like much and also is an almost permanent feature of sci-fi movies which I believe is the reason I can't find satisfying movies in this genre while it's very interesting for me. After all, I liked the movie though I think it'd be more fun to read the novel! ;)

    23. Feb., 19:55 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    I don't care about the academy much, they only consider glamorous movies... Well after all they're media and you should probably know my attitude toward media! :D Outer space and extraterrestrial life looks very fascinating as a subject to me, but I haven't really found good movies about it except for a few. I'm looking forward to watch Contact. I haven't watched Underdogs, some movies aren't quite accessible.. like the new Roy Andersson movie, I would really like to watch it :( I LOVED the two other parts of his trilogy! I mean that can't be bad!! Well, Lynch is a living legend.. His paintings are awesome, his music is really cool and he's one heck of a director... "Lost Highway" and "Blue Velvet" are two of his best movies, "Wild at Heart" is one of my favorite love movies, but I think you better watch "Mulholland Dr." first to get to know his style(this one is slightly lynchian;)

    15. Feb., 19:25 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    David Lynch says “Absurdity is what I like most in life.” and I feel the same ;) Thanks for the recommendation, I sure will watch it :) I wish there were a lastfm-like website for films, that would be great to have all those charts and have movies collected director-organized... :D IMDb sucks! I can't even vote twice for the movies that I watch all over again..

    15. Feb., 10:58 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    Yeah I totally loved it! :) He sure is a genius.

    8. Feb., 10:06 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Franz Liszt ist auch erwähnenswert. Und ich komm grad drauf, dass Matt Bellamy von einigen, die ich erwähnt habe, inspiriert ist/war. :D

    4. Feb., 7:53 Antworten
  • Sadra_A

    Maybeitis ;))

    29. Jan., 17:33 Antworten
  • Harry_01

    Aber so umgeblasen wie die 9. von Dvorak hat mich bis jetzt selten was, also wenns jetzt um ältere Musik geht.

    29. Jan., 10:15 Antworten
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